Eriny society

An amphibian species, the Erinis are known for their curiosity and their mastery of biological technologies. The Erinis are a stable society that benefits from constant technical progress and controlled expansion. Their cities and ships are alive and conscious, forming the Mentats: biological computers. Being endowed with telepathy, their modern society has developed with great transparency.

In game

The Erinis are masters of biology and genetic engineering. Most of their equipment is organic which makes them very resilient, while making them immune to hacking and EMPs. They can also have access to mighty envelopes at the end of the game. Finally, their Psy Alpha abilities give them several intellectual upsides.

Eriny explorer

Global Eriny data

Total population 63,12 billions
Exploited solars system 542
Colonized solars systems 103
Life expectancy Immortality
Energy production 3,26 x 1027 watts (or 3260 YottaWatts).
11,2% / year growth
Data production 5,2365 x 1025 octets / days (or 52 YottaOctets).
14,7% / year growth
Civilization indice 2,3229
Superluminal Ergo-Drive (worm-hole)


  • Best biologics and génétics augmentations
  • Hacking imunity
  • Powerful endgame envelopes
  • Transferable awareness
  • Psy Alpha


  • Weak in hacking