Gurros people

The Gurros are a particularly exotic species originating from Ioreneihm, an ammoniacal world. They are a form of lichen growing on large trees called the Laists. The Laists form psychic networks to which all the Gurros are connected. They are extremely peaceful and will hardly ever use violence.They are the most powerful Psychic ability users in the known Galaxy.

In game

Although physically weak, they have the highest psychic potential in the known galaxy: the Psy Gamma level. This opens up a high potential for them as these abilities can be powerful both in support and attack.

Gurros resident

Global Gurros data

Total population 112,2 billions
Exploited solars system 340
Colonized solars systems 60
Life expectancy 60 years (virtuality immortals)
Energy production Problem
Data production 1,33 x 1026 octets / days (or 133 YottaOctets).
12,7% / year growth
Civilization indice 2,2996
Superluminal Sub-space Drive


  • Most powerfull psychics powers
  • High will
  • Transferable awareness


  • Physically weak