Two possibilities exists,

either we are alone in the Universe, or we are not. both are equaly terrifying.

Arthur C. Clark

City of the 26th century

At the dawn of the twenty-sixth century, the era of galactic exploration, the powerful interstellar empires struggle for supremacy. If the situation is stable in the colonized worlds, slowly the threat of a total war is materializing, pushed by alliance games.

Individuals improve more and more, projected beyond their natural limits by ever more efficient augmentations, while Entities ; the most powerful beings in the known Galaxy ; implement their unfathomable strategy. All civilizations find themselves dragged in spite of themselves in an inevitable headlong flight, the stake of which is simply survival.

Behind the scenes of this illusory stable world, the Aurige organization is trying its best to calm tensions and find answers. Why is the galaxy filled with dead worlds, which once carried advanced civilizations? And above all: how can we not meet the same fate? How to fight against what seems inevitable : extinction ?

Dive into the year 2501

Exploration pictogram


In 2501 certain species set out to conquer the Galaxie which remains largely uncharted. Space anomalies, young civilizations or ruins dating back millennia if not millions of years.

Augmentation pictogram


Allowing natural evolution to take place is no longer possible today. All species have had to take their own evolution into their own hands and go beyond their biological conditions. The augmentations offer a wide range of evolutions, and allows you to unlock certain abilities such as the manipulation of gravity, hacking in the middle of a fight or to get out of phase in other realities.

Conspiracy pictogram


Dans le contexte de tensions qui règne dans la Galaxie connue, les empires interstellaires n'hésitent pas à se saboter mutuellement, souvent suivant les plans des Entités à l'intelligence inconcevable

Horror pictogram


The Galaxy conceals many wonders : but also unspeakable things. Many worlds once housed life. All evolved societies inevitably seem to collapse, many of them more evolved than current civilizations. And yet a terrifying silence haunts these worlds that were prosperous eons ago.

Six playables factions

Over the past few centuries, many species have met across the galaxy, societies and empires have sprung up, and the balance between all these civilizations is most precarious. In the perilous twists and turns of Singularity 2501, you have six factions to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely.

Gameplay elements