Innusan empire

The Innussans are an ancient and powerful empire centered around an Empress who combines the roles of political, military and religious leader. The Innussans are large, six-limbed reptiles living on Garat, a metallic world. They are exceptionally sturdy and have Psy Beta abilities. Their life is articulated around a religious text called Kunaïs. This code contains the guidelines to follow and also serves as a spiritual base. The Innussan practice the worship of their ancestors mixed with a form of deism. It is a very codified and eugenic society in essence.

In game

The Innussans make exceptional fighters, and have solid starting physical characteristics. Their Psy Beta powers gives them the ability to influence the minds of others as much as pushing their bodies beyond natural limits transforming them into war machines. However, they have only access to a narrow range of augmentations because of their religious beliefs.

Innusan empire warrior

Global Innusan data

Total population 2 213 billions
Exploited solars system 1 364
Colonized solars systems 314
Life expectancy 500 years (earth years)
Energy production 4;52 x 1027 watts (or 4520 YottaWatts).
3,4% / year growth
Data production 9,254 x 1022 octets / days (or 92 ExaOctets).
4,6% / year growth
Civilization indice 2,4256
Superluminal Sub-space drive


  • High physical characteristics
  • Very resistant
  • Psy Bêta


  • Few augmentations