JAS awareness

Jas is an AI forming a collective consciousness, called consensus. Being vulnerable to cyber warfare, this consciousness splits up and creates platforms which it then sends out to the rest of the galaxy to perform various tasks. Jas is the most opaque and mysterious civilization in the known Galaxy.

In game

Jas have many advantages in terms of hacking and can be downloaded into almost any object that has computing characteristics. In addition they have very high end envelopes and augmentations. Finally, they have access to phase abilities, allowing them to teleport and dematerialize.

JAS in phase output

Global JAS data

Exploited solars system 673
Life expectancy Immortality
Energy production 9,83 x 1028 watts (or 98 830 YottaWatts).
16,2% / year growth
Data production 7,692 x 1028 octets / days (or 52 YottaOctets).
34,7% / year growth
Civilization indice 2,3685
Superluminal Quantum jump


  • Best hacking abilities
  • Phasics abilities
  • Transferable awareness
  • Powerfull augmentations and enveloppes in end game


  • Vulnerable to hacking and EMPs