Ol Consensus

Ol Consensus is the second half of humanity, who founded a new society 265 years ago.

Ol is what most resembles a technological utopia. Olians are few in number and have an immense amount of resources per individual. They are idealistic, cultured and relentless in the pursuit of their goals. Illness and even death are a thing of the past, using technology such as longevity treatments and the digitalization of consciousness. It is an elitist society ruled by Posthumans, some of the most powerful Entities in the galaxy.

In game

The Olians have access to excellent quality material. Their augmentations are excellent and have the best nanowares in the game. They can also use Grav-Tech which is a technology to manipulate gravity. Finally, their access to BioSynthetic envelopes gives them unparalleled power at the end of the campaign.

Ol consensus aristocrats

Global Ol data

Total population 703,9 millions
Exploited solars system 325
Colonized solars systems 91
Life expectancy Immortallity
Energy production 1,12 x 1027 watts (or 1120 YottaWatts).
20,2% / year growth
Data production 1,145 x 1026 octets / days (or 114 YottaOctets).
31,2% / year growth
Civilization indice 2,3122
Superluminal Warp


  • Best nano-augmentations
  • Grav-Tech abilities
  • Biosynthétics enveloppes
  • Transferable awareness


  • Expensive material